Tuesday, May 30, 2017

When Should I See A Raleigh Optometrist?

Healthy eyes are an asset of the highest order for our well-being. Therefore it is important to realize when there is a problem and avail the necessary medical help in time. The first step to preserving your sense of sight and enjoying a lifetime of good vision is to visit an eye doctor at the first sign of trouble.

Visiting an Optometrist in Raleigh, NC
According to the NC Board of Optometry, there are three types of eye doctors who specialize in eye care. They are optometrists, ophthalmologists, and opticians. Depending on your issue, you can go to different eye doctors for treatment.

An optometrist is someone who has earned the Doctor of Optometry degree. They examine their patients for vision and health problems of the eye. They can fix refractive error by prescribing eyeglasses and contact lenses for you. Some of them also provide vision therapy and low vision care. Such an eye doctor are licensed to prescribe medicine for treating particular problems related to the eye. Usually, state laws determine the scope of the medical care they can provide to their patients. Visiting the website of your state’s Board of Optometry can give you a clear idea about the jurisdiction of optometry practice in your area.

How Frequently Should You Visit Your Optometrist?
A rule of thumb is to have at least one visit annually to stay abreast of your eye health. Some people might need to schedule multiple visits depending on the state of their vision.  Watch out for the following signs if you want to know when it is time to visit for eye care treatment.
  • When your eyes are dry, red, or itchy
  • If you are seeing flashes of light, spots or floaters
  • Frequent examinations are necessary for patients with diabetes or other health conditions that affect the eyesight
  • If you cannot remember the last eye exam you had
  • If you have trouble driving at night and discerning street signs in the dark
  • Motion sickness, dizziness and difficulty to follow a moving object is another telltale sign
  • Sitting before a computer screen gives you eye strain, headaches or blurred vision
  • If you need to hold a book or a newspaper a little bit away from your face or shut one of your eyes to read properly.
  • If you notice changes in how you see after a concussion to your head.
Your vision is something you should not take a chance on. Visit your Raleigh eye doctor as soon as you have an eye care issue. Your doctor can detect a lot of diseases like cancer and diabetes quite early just by examining your eyes. Early detection can give you a better chance of recovery. Therefore, schedule an appointment with your doctor today so that you can continue to enjoy the gift of vision for years to come. If you're looking for a good eye care professional, I highly recommend Fusion Eye Care in North Raleigh:

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